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Forum rules
elcome to my forum! To keep these forums running smoothly, a few rules are put in place.

1. Be friendly to other users on the forum. Flaming, harassment and trolling will not be tolerated.
2. Post in the correct forums.
3. No spamming, and don't act stupid.
4. Obey the staff at all times.
5. No illegal content.
6. We do not allow advertising in threads. However, you may have links on your profile and signature.
7. Avoid double-posting and take advantage of the "Edit" button.
8. Avoid bumping an old thread unless you have something useful to post.

If you break the rules once, you'll get a warning. Twice, a day ban. Three warnings is a week ban.
Once you reach a fourth warning, your future on the forum will be determined by staff.
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